Our Procedures

We believe our spines are meant to be in motion.

Our surgeons and clinical team will work with you to determine the best course of care for you and your condition.  

1 Integrated Conservative care

Our team uses an integrated approach to conservative care for pathologies in all areas of the spine. With motion-trained clinicians, we will focus on treatments, such as injections and integrated physical therapy, to improve your function. 

2 Uninstrumented Surgical Procedures

Some pathologies, such as a herniated disc, may benefit from an uninstrumented procedure, such as a decompression or a microdiscectomy. These procedures are focused on treating your pathology and keeping the spine in motion. 

3 Disc Replacement

Certain conditions, such as cervical degeneration, may be treated with an anterior disc replacement for the spine. When indicated, our clinicians will discuss arthroplasty options for your condition.  

4 Total Joint Replacement

CaymanSpine performs the BalancedBack Total Joint Replacement, the first total joint replacement for the lumbar spine. The device replaces the function of the facet joints and the disc in individuals with lumbar degeneration and leg and back pain.

5 Medical Travel

CaymanSpine is the first speciality clinic for motion surgery in spine. Until now, many patients traveled to the United States for complex spine surgery. Advanced, US-based, fellowship-trained spine surgeons now travel to Cayman. Our teams rotate between their US and Cayman practices on a weekly basis, elevating the standard of care through practice synergies and clinical research.

Additionally, our spine practice offers motion solutions not available in the United States. Patients may travel to CaymanSpine to receive spcialized care in motion surgery. 

If you or a loved one suffer from leg pain, back pain, sciatica, arm or neck pain, or any number of spinal conditions, we invite you to make an appointment or telemedicine visit.