Our Practice:

Evidence-based. Motion-focused. 

Innovative Research. Education.


We incorporate peer-reviewed, scientific information into individual patient care to determine the best treatment option  for his/her pathology. We believe that utilizing the current, best medical evidence in clinical care provides the greatest value and safest care for the patient. Our team collects outcomes on every patient we treat.


Your life and your spine is meant to be in motion. Research has shown that motion preservation and restoration in the spine is positively correlated with improved patient outcomes. Our practice is the world’s first center for motion surgery for the spine. 

Innovative Research

CaymanSpine leads clinical research on motion preservation technologies for the cervical and lumbar spine, including the BalancedBack Total Joint Replcaement. Additionally, we collect patient outcomes on every patient we treat and collaborate with other leading academic medical centers on clinical research.  


 We believe patients should be educated on the continuum of care, starting with the diagnosis through the treatment and rehabilitation plans. Our clinicians will spend time sharing the scientific data and working with the patient to determine the best treatment solution for each individual patient. CaymanSpine is the home to specialized research-focused, training programs in motion surgery for spine clinicians.